:: June 13, 2006

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Current TV is a great resource to learn how to shoot good short films, especially if you're looking to make a killer audition tape for Survivor. Check out the links below:

:: Short film tutorials
:: Get some release forms


Calling for submissions!

Recently it dawned on me that the best way to spread the message that Canadians are fed up about wanting to be on Survivor was to make a film about it. Just think: film is the easiest medium to upload, share, and disseminate ideas to the world (and CBS, of course). Read on, dear friend.

I make this declaration, I call on fellow Canadian fans to lend me their ears, and the following (in VHS or DVD format):

- audition tapes that were ignored by CBS, (yes I want a copy of your audition tape)
- footage you've shot at live American casting calls + auditions
- footage of interviews with other Survivors, Jeff Probst, and Mark Burnett, if they ever mention Canada
- photos with Jeff Probst, Mark Burnett, and previous Survivors
- footage of crazy stunts you've tried to get noticed by CBS
- footage of the Survivor game you acted out in your backyard/hometown
- footage you shot just for this film because you want to be included
- and any other footage to do with Survivor

It all starts with this raw material.

No longer must you fret that your audition tape will go unnoticed. I promise to create a film that is both touching and angry, hilarious and somber, odd yet beautiful. But I need you help me out. I know postage costs money, but hey, if you sent your film to CBS and they ignored it, why not send your tape to me and we'll bring it to the world!

Got some skills, yo.

I've been working with various digital filmmaking techniques over the past 8 years, (check out The Great Canadian Roadtrip, and Southeast Asia Adventure) and am ready to put together film of mind-blowing proportions. It will be an experiment in pop culture, and a fantastic memento DVD to watch and enjoy time and time again. Who knows? Maybe it'll be a documentary special on CBC.

Send your footage, one of two ways:

1. if you're internet saavy, you could email me and we'll set up an online transfer

2. send your tape/DVD snail mail to the following address, but note: DO NOT SEND FED-EX. My postal box won't accept them. Just send regular mail, it'll take a couple days but we got time:

Let Me On Survivor.com
P.O. Box 29124
Delamont Postal Outlet
1950 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC, V6J5C2

Also, I'm open to anyone with ideas to include in the film, including (but not limited to) interviewing other Canadian Survivor fans and figuring out what it's going to take to get us on the show.

Please note, tapes and DVD's will not be sent back afterwards. Geez, that'd be way too expensive. But rest assured, you will get a credit in the film and CBS will cave to the mighty goliath that is Let Me On Survivor: The Movie.

Contact me ian@letmeonsurvivor.com