A while ago I got the idea that I would try and contact past Survivors and see if they'd endorse my attempt to get on Survivor. Thanks to all the Alumni who've responded with their support! Please click their photo to visit their websites.


Roster to date: Brooke N Struck, Ian Rosenberger, Twila Tanner, Jerri Manthey, Keith Faime, Ethan Zohn, Jenna Morasca, Mike Skupin, Coby Archa, Lex van den Berghe, Scout Cloud Lee, Wanda Shirk, Alicia Calaway, Colby Donaldson, Rob & Amber Mariano, Christa Hastie, and Brian Corridan.

Brooke N. Struck
Survivor Guatemala

Brooke says: "Good luck with your efforts to get Canadians on Survivor! I'm impressed with all you've done. I'm sending this email in support of your campaign and wish you the best of luck. I hope I will be able to see you on the show someday soon in the future."

Ian Rosenberger
Survivor Palau

Ian says: "Good Luck man...thanks for being such a fan."

Twila Tanner
Survivor Vanuatu

Twila says: "Survivor is shown in many countries,and I believe that any one who would love to play the game should be given the opportunity. No matter what country!"

Brian Corridan
Survivor Guatemala

Brian says: "Having tried so hard to get on Survivor myself, I know how much Ian really wants this, so let him have it! You know he'd be an amazing player, since he is clearly passionate about the game, and that will make for good TV. Canadians are tough fighters (hockey, anyone?); let's give Ian a chance!"

Christa Hastie
Survivor Pearl Islands

Christa says: "All Canadians play hockey, say 'eh' in every sentence, live in igloos, and ride dogsleds to school. Now we're talking good TV. Let the guy try out for Survivor! Let us be entertained!"


Rob & Amber Mariano
Survivor Australia, Marqueses, All-Stars

Rob and Amber say: "Mark, Jeff, and all of the Survivor and CBS Crew that help make it the best show possible - Let Ian on! Let all the Canadians show what they got! Plus, it could mean more ratings because all of the people in Canada will think its a great show! He knows the game. He does his homework! Can he be a better conniving person then I was (ROB). Lets see!"

Colby Donaldson
Survivor Australia, All-Stars

Colby says: Attention all CBS workers, Canadians are treated poorly in that they can't participate in the HIT Reality TV Show, let the kid go in, he's got the body, but what about the brains, I bet he could Outwit, Outplay, and Outlast all of the other contestants, even you PROBST!"

Alicia Calaway
Survivor Australia, All-Stars

Alicia says: "Let the kid on the show! It's great that other countries want to "copy" our show, since we are always copying other shows from other countries. This kid looks fit! So let him show his stuff, and besides - if you don't I will wave my finger in your FACE!"

Wanda Shirk
Survivor Palau

Wanda says: "I think the game should be open to anyone who can speak English! One of the reasons I wanted to be on Survivor was to meet people from many different backgrounds. Diversity is one of the factors that makes the game so interesting. I've met a lot of Canadian fans. There are no boundary lines in my book! Yes, let's open the game to Brits, Aussies, Canadians, Irishmen -- let it be an international competition!"

Scout Cloud Lee
Survivor Vanuatu

Scout says: "Global Teambuilding is the name of the game. What an exciting concept to pick castmates across International borders. Isn't it time we realized that we're One Family On Earth! Let's kick it off with a Canadian on Survivor!"

Lex van den Berghe
Survivor Africa, All-stars

Lex says: "C’mon Mark, Jeff & CBS...cast this guy on the show, eh? Ian looks to be a ringer for the gig: he’s done his homework, he’s got the fire in his belly, and it would be a hoot to watch someone from North of the border make all the same mistakes we did! As I see it, if anyone’s got a chance at being the first Survivor ever to make fire with two sticks, my money’s on the Canuck!”

Coby Archa
Survivor Palau

Coby says: "Put this poor boy on the show before he is smart enough to start his own show!"

Mike Skupin
Survivor Australia

Mike says: "I fully support everybody regardless of country, race, background to have the opportunity to compete on Survivor or any other show, job, sport, etc. Good luck to you brother.....don't give up the dream!"

Jenna Morasca
Survivor Amazon, All-Stars

Jenna says: "Great website! I say Canadians rule, put them on Survivor! Best of luck to you."

Ethan Zohn
Survivor Africa, All-Stars

Ethan says: "Go get em!!!!........but with this endorsement, I get 10% of all your winnings from Survivor. Jokes."

Keith Famie
Survivor Australia

Keith says: "CBS and Mark, what the hell toss the kid into the ultimate camping adventure. Just imagine the hoola from our Canadian friends."

Jerri Manthey
Survivor Australia, All-Stars

Jerri says: "Put Ian on for God's sakes! I've never seen anyone go to the trouble of setting up a website BEFORE they get on the show! Besides, you let Kel on...he was Canadian. And I think it’s time to let Canadians be better represented! I know they kick some ass!"

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